RetailX launched in August 2017 – a metamorphosis from The Retail Collective, which allowed us some time to dream bigger.


We’re proud to continue working with our clients under our new banner, winning shoppers’ hearts, minds and wallets.



Here are some of our favourite projects, which showcase the way we work and the work we do. Have a browse to find out more.


Juanita, Gina and Lisa are part of our Green Cross Health family. They’ve been actively involved in our business strategy, brand positioning development, rebranding, customer communications and process re-engineering for three years now. They’re experts in challenging, insightful, creative solutions, and they’re a pleasure to work with.


The team help us apply an international perspective appropriately to a NZ context, and their extensive commercial experience as retailers really gives them an excellent perspective on what needs to be done – as well as when and how.


With their exceptional capacity to understand what makes retail successful and how to deliver for customers, internal staff, vendor partners and stakeholders, all possible angles for success are considered.

Grant Bai | CEO

Green Cross Health

Our business is highly competitive, and we were very aware that we needed to bring to life reasons beyond price for our shoppers to love us whilst not losing our price-competitive cues.


What we most value from this team is they bring to the table retail insights, innovative thinking and experiences that we don’t always have time to explore. That’s why they are experts at what they do, and we are experts at running supermarkets. They also worked well with our creative agency, and were never precious about incorporating other people’s thinking to make ideas better.


They’re the right partner for you if you’re looking for someone who respectfully keeps you focused on your end game (especially when your old habits start to creep in) and who can call a spade a spade.


Most importantly, they’re the team you want if you need to connect with customers better than your competitors along the shopper journey.

Jacques Losken | Head of Marketing Operations


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