Professional speaking

With a wealth of customer and retail experience working for some of Australasia’s top retail businesses and brands, Juanita is well equipped to share insights into the skills and strategies required to remain customer-fit in the hyper-competitive retail environment.   


Juanita’s genuine personal and professional enthusiasm for customer experience and retail keeps her at the forefront of the ever-evolving international retail market, and she presents on a selection of cutting edge, compelling topics suitable for most business audiences.   


Each keynote is crafted to be entertaining, visually rich, enlightening and specifically relevant to each group.  Juanita will engage with your business well in advance to discuss audiences, themes and any specific messages to include.  

What our clients say

“Juanita was the ideal speaker to have at our recent Conference.  She was able to convey some complex research findings to a diverse audience in a way that effectively delivered the key messages by combining her insightful retail knowledge with our bespoke information.  Juanita was entertaining, funny and, most important of all, engaging and left her audience feeling excited and motivated which set the scene for a very positive conference.”


Michelle Alexander | CEO, Burger King NZ (Antares Group) 

Speaking topics

Fully customised, individually crafted keynotes are also available on request.