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We make it easy for you to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of retail. Check out what we are reading this month and why.


Lowe's pilots in-store kid's birthday programme to inspire the next generation of builders

The home improvement retailer's 'Build A Birthday' party pilot expands on it's successful kids' workshop program.

Parents can book a paid, private party at selected stores with DIY project kits for up to 20 kids. They can choose to build projects such as castles or race cars and will include all the safety equipment required.


Shopify Commerce Trends 2023

The only constant in commerce is change. And the only way forward is to adapt. In the past year, millions of businesses displayed resilience in the face of the unexpected, contributing to over $27 trillion USD1 of retail sales worldwide. But 64% of global businesses are still recovering from the negative impact of the pandemic. Online shopping jumped 77% year over year just months into the pandemic, accelerating the innovation and adoption of digital commerce by half a decade. This report from Shopify Plus outlines the global trends equipping brands to confront the unexpected.


Nike's repair robot revolutionising circular retail

Nike has piloted a robotic circular shoe repair technology at its Nike Town London store. Shoes are loaded into the machine and a 3D model is created to identify areas to be improved then customers can select areas that need to be improved.

This system is capable of cleaning and repairing shoes in as little as 45 minutes, extending the lifespan of Nike products.


Arte Museum looks to draw a million annual visitors to Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place will now be home to Arte Museum an immersive media gallery.

Designed by Korean digital design company d’strict uses visuals, sounds and fragrances to present settings such as beaches, gardens, jungles and safaris.


TaskPod cubes pop up across Australia

TaskPods are perfect for when the bedroom office or café won't cut it. They are insulated, stand-alone workspaces in public spaces across Australia. Each pod contains a desk, chair, power outlets USB charging port and wifi.


New McDonald's ad doesn't show its restaurant or any of its food

McDonald’s new ad campaign ‘Raise Your Arches’ tells a story of a group of office workers conspiring to head to McDonald’s communicating only with an eyebrow raise.

This social-first campaign features special Snapchat and Instagram lenses that will raise the user’s archers with the aim of people using it to invite their friends to get McDonalds.


Workwear brand TradeMutt helps tradies deal with mental health

TradeMutt was founded with the goal of starting conversations about tradies mental health through colourful shirt designs following studies highlighting high industry suicide rates. Alongside long hours and harsh weather conditions, tradies are feeling the follow-on effects from Covid-19.

TradeMutt donate 50% of their profits directly to This Is A Conversation Starter, a free and confidential service that provides early-intervention mental health support service.


Amazon to permanently close Fresh store in Dalston, London

Amazon is permanently shutting its Amazon Fresh store in Dalston that is powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

Amazon opened many grocery stores in London in an attempt to barge into the UK grocery sector. However the current economic period has made things difficult as customers are prioritising to save money.


L’Oréal invests in digital temporary tattoo company

L’Oréal has made a minority investment in startup Prinker Korea which is the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device.

They have been working with Prinker to develop L’Oréal brow magic – the first handheld, electronic brow make-up applicator to provide customers with a precise, easy to remove brow shape. Using AR technology and AI-algorithms, the device scans the user’s face and makes recommendations on the best brow shape which is then printed in seconds automatically.



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