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Introducing the newest RX’er, Sophie Hill

Up next in the "Meet the team" series, welcome to our newest team member Sophie Hill.

Sophie joined the RX team in late February and she has certainly hit the ground running.

As our newly appointed Retail and Visual Experience Designer, Sophie specialises in the design and construction of retail spaces developing innovative and visually captivating designs that capture a company’s ambition, a brand’s position, a customer experience goal and a shoppers heart, mind and wallet. 


What does it take to be a Retail and Visual Experience Designer? 


  • Expert knowledge of how customers interact with spaces in a retail shopping environment, and how to translate a brand into a three-dimensional experience that helps businesses sell products.  


  • The ability to integrate the more brand-specific elements of a space (signage, wayfinding, fixture design) into the overall design to make a cohesive brand statement, create an impactful customer experience, and drive overall retail performance.  


  • A wider view of the world beyond the traditional tenants of retail. The term “Retail” refers to so much more than just businesses that sell products (such as fashion & electronics). It also includes businesses that sell services and experiences. From fitness to food, wellness, travel, and any type of space where customers engage with a product or brand, the principles of retail experience design play a key role.  


Sophie brings and incredible international perspective to RX from her time in the UK and Europe working with brands such as Argos, Homebase, and Carphone Warehouse. More recently since her return to NZ she has worked with DFS Group and Early Settler in trans-Tasman roles. 


We’ve asked Sophie a few questions to get to know her better.  


What inspires you? 

  • Spaces. I love looking at spaces and imagining their potential. Drawing out how they might look in my head and then bringing those ideas to life.  

  • Strong, confident women – both personally and professionally. I was raised by a strong woman, and I am inspired by strong women. 


Favourite store/customer experience? 

I have a few...

  • Moochi. Not so much about the physical store but the staff are always fantastic, and the loyalty program is awesome.  

  • Paper Plane – love the fitout.  

  • Burga (online tech accessory retailer) I recently had a great shopping experience with Burga. They did a great job of building rapport – which I've never had online before.  

  • Selfridges – love their ‘shoe gallery’. They nail retailtainment. 


If you were locked in a retail store for a whole weekend anywhere in the world, where would you choose? 

  • Anthropologie. 



  • Savoury...I love Asian food. That being said If there’s chocolates anywhere near me, I will eat them until they’re gone and then regret it immediately. 



  • I just finished ‘Death and Other Details.’ Brilliant. Very Agatha Christie.

  • I love any kind of crime drama. Same with books. 



  • Beach – no contest. There’s nothing better for my soul than swimming in the ocean. 


High street/Shopping Mall?

  • High St. I like finding unique little boutiques and locally made products.  


Feel free to connect with Sophie on LinkedIn and we know she is looking forward to getting her teeth into new and exciting projects.


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