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Automated in-store ticketing

Are you spending too much time on ticketing? Are your stores making their own tickets with little/no consideration to branding? Are your stores constantly missing tickets?

Ticketing is one of the most important aspects of retailing but it doesn’t need to be time consuming or hard work. With our automated ticketing you can get tickets loaded in seconds and rest assure that every store is printing an on brand ticket for the current in-store promotion.

In the past automated ticketing has been expensive, complicated and a big project to implement. We are X-Retailers and we’ve developed a ticketing system that every retailer can use and afford. With our online ticketing system no software is required, implementation can be done in weeks and the intuitive easy to use interface means most store staff can be up and running with a 10 minute training session or video.

Ticket-IT empowers businesses to manage and deploy tickets in-store in minutes as opposed to days. Stores can quickly and accurately reprint or even construct their own ticket if required - on brand as they can't go wrong. Trusted by head offices and their stores, nothing in the market quite like it.


And it delivers results.

Does your retail business want:

  • to simplify their ticketing process

  • reduced staffing costs, better accountability, and more 
    consistency of in-store tickets

  • empower stores with the ability to be compliant with ticketing

  • better customer conversion with no excuse for no ticket on

If so, take control of your retail ticketing
today with Ticket-IT.
Contact us at gina@retailO2.co.nz

Every retailer knows, no ticket means no sale

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  • Ticket-IT provides the ability to control and manage in-store ticketing effectively

  • provides greater visibility for both Support Office and the stores

  • reduces the cost of lost opportunity

  • positive effect on store presentation and compliance

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  • Ticket-IT removes the manual creation of tickets and the errors that occur with repeated human intervention

  • delivers consistent and repeatable outcomes resulting in cost savings and a more efficient use of staff

  • provides clear  instructions for your stores on what ticket needs to go out


  • Ticket-IT delivers the confidence to reduce approval times, or not proof at all

  • Support Office have the confidence that both stores and partners have the right information at the right time with the right branding

  • Deploy ticketing programs easily and confidently

  • Simplify store ticket comms with automated ticketing

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  • The process of printing, sending and then sorting through unwanted tickets is painful and complex

  • Ticket-IT automates the manual ticket production workflow delivering tickets within seconds, not days

If so, take control of your in-store ticketing
today with Ticket-IT.

Contact us at gina@retailO2.co.nz