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RX recommends Orbitvu automated photography studios for high quality content creation

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Implementing Orbitvu for Bobux’s product photography has been exceptionally beneficial. It's automated solution not only speeds up the process, but also provides incredible consistency. A standout feature is OrbitVu’s clear-cutting capability, which significantly reduces post production costs. 


Marcel Gull - Assistant Marketing Manager

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I would recommend Orbitvu to other companies, it's been incredibly helpful for us. The quality and the efficiency of it. Now I can focus on the stuff that we have never really got to do in the past like stop motion and 360 videos.


Jac Corte - Content Creator
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The fact that we had a full studio so we could use the lighting, the rotatable assets, to create a lot more than we currently had in a much, much shorter time frame. And we can consistently have the same look. 

or "It's all about the efficiency -  the lighting, the etching feature, the fact that everything gets done so quickly. That's the biggest point for us. 


Tim Dawson – Marketing Manager
McLeod Accessories

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