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A bit about Bobux

Bobux is an iconic international children’s footwear company, recognised for its innovative approach towards creating shoes that cater to the anatomical needs of growing feet.  Bobux is committed to developing shoes that mimic the natural flexibility, strength, and grip of the human foot.

Their design philosophy, termed as ‘freedom of movement’, aims at enhancing the natural development of a child’s foot, whilst providing comfort, durability, and style. Bobux offers a comprehensive range of products across different stages of a child’s foot development.

The Old Process

Prior to implementing Orbitvu - Bobux were using images sent by their footwear producer overseas, who were using a local studio to create the assets and do the image retouching. These assets were hard to manage and there was some inaccuracy and inefficiencies with file management from the third party.

Previous 8 step process 

1 x Image
Clear cut

One clear cut image

Additionally, Bobux only received a single product photo for their listings and all of these assets had to be sent to another company for resizing and saving for different end uses.

Bobux singel shot.png

The New Process

The fact that anyone can be trained to use the Alphashot and that the team were able to retain full control of their asset creation inhouse, were key factors in their purchase decision.

Implementing Orbitvu for Bobux’s product photography has been exceptionally beneficial. It's automated solution not only speeds up the process, but also provides incredible consistency. A standout feature is OrbitVu’s clear-cutting capability, which significantly reduces post production costs.

Thanks to the Alpha Shot the colour accuracy of our product imagery is very high. We no longer get feedback from our consumers that our shoes are a different colour when they arrive. Colour accuracy is of high importance to us because it reduces the return rate of our product.


Marcel Gull - Assistant Marketing Manager


Since implementing the Alphashot, Bobux now include six different detail views as standard on their product pages, providing customer with the detail they need to convert online. 



AlphaShot 360




New 4 step process 

 6 clear cut images

Clear cut, resized

Training + Implementation

As the unit can be used by any staff, without any need for prior photographic training, it was quickly implemented at Bobux who were creating content confidently within a week.


They find the system very easy to use and create 360 and video content as well as the broader range of product shots.

The repeatable lighting templates are a key feature the team use to ensure consistency across products on the site.

Bobux use Orbitvu Alphashot 360 + Alphashot XL Pro to to generate multiple angles of their shoes. 

I would highly recommend Orbitvu.

It’s automated system simplifies and accelerates the imaging process, enabling the creation of high-quality product photos in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods.

A standout feature is Orbitvu’s clear-cutting capability, which is a game-changer in product photography. Orbitvu’s software is user-friendly and allows settings to be easily replicated across all product lines, an essential feature for businesses looking to maintain colour accuracy across ranges.



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