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How TAGR processed $50k of retail sales checkout free in 4 hours

Guest Article | Joe McCord

We had the pleasure of meeting Joe McCord at RetailFest 2022. Joe is the Growth Lead for TAGR an innovative business that provides sophisticated technology for all sizes of retailers.

Recognising that very few retailers will be able to afford the Amazon-style 'Just walk out' technology that customers love, TAGR has developed a solution that makes your in-store checkout seamless without needing an app, password or logic. Super simple. Super easy.


The headline sounds like clickbait but I assure you it isn’t.

TAGR is a mobile checkout that busts queues and increases in-store sales volume without any app downloads. This world-first technology takes advantage of the mass adoption worldwide of QR codes to let customers checkout in-store, the way they are used to checking out online.

Unlike Scan&Go solutions at Woolworths (Countdown), Ikea, Bunnings and 7-Eleven, TAGR utilises web technology, meaning you don’t need to download a smartphone app to use it. Instead you can simply access the application in the browser by scanning a QR code with your smartphone camera.

This simple, but significant point of difference accounts for a massive reduction in the time to checkout on first use, and importantly leads to a much broader consumer adoption and was the primary reason the TAGR Mobile Self Checkout received a 2022 Canstar Innovation Excellence Award. It also gives TAGR the means to make itself available in a broader range of applications, and for smaller retailers that might otherwise not be able to offer a solution as sophisticated.

One such retailer recently tapped TAGR to manage the payment experience for their merch sales at a special event. Over 400 fans of the brand gathered in a single place to engage in organised activities, do meet & greets, and of course, buy some of their products!

TAGR worked with this partner to create an optimal checkout experience without the need for hardware terminals or checkout operators. Attendees were permitted into the retail area in groups of 15 at a time.

The pop up shop was laid out much like a retail store with clothing on racks organised in several piles. The shoppers were directed to use TAGR to scan the items they wanted to purchase and pay before heading to the nearby collection point. There they simply showed an employee their digital receipt, collected their products and went on their way.

By engaging TAGR, the merchant partner was able to get through a far greater amount of transactions than they anticipated.

Some key results from the day:

  • Just below $50k of products were sold in just 4 hours

  • 59.25% of the event attendees bought merchandise, 100% of which used TAGR

  • Average order value was just below $150

  • 1.3 transactions occurred every minute

  • Every single customer who scanned a product, made a purchase

  • There were no checkout staff costs and no cash handling

  • The merchant didn’t have to purchase any hardware


Below is a collection of feedback that was gathered from the day from both customers and members of the retail team.


"I enjoyed this way of shopping, it was very easy!" - Meg

"This could be very dangerous for my wallet." - Kiara

"Why hasn't this way of shopping existed before? It's so easy!" - Rachel


"I don't know how we would have managed with a normal checkout system." - CX Manager

"The feedback from customers and the team has been exceptionally positive, massive success" - Ecom Manager

"It's been a great experience for making this pop-up work" - Operations Assistant

TAGR’s merchant partner has signed on to use TAGR at similar events around the country later in the year.

If you are looking for an innovative way to manage your retail checkout experience, whether it’s an event like this or a traditional retail store, get in touch with TAGR today.


Joe McCord is the Growth Lead at TAGR. TAGR are reinventing retail through scan and go checkout solutions, blending the physical and digital realms of retail together in a never before seen way. You can download a case study of TAGR’s popup retail event here.

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