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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I am so delighted that our wonderful friends at Insightful, Andrew, Dom and Louise have agreed to provide our RetailX community with a monthly Social Snacks - important happenings in the social media world you need to be aware Over the years the Insightful team heard the same thing, from clients - "Social media is always changing. It's impossible to stay on top of it". So they decided to do something about it and Insightful was born. The team have the most incredible experience on top of being simply amazing individuals. We can highly recommend anyone in retail, from the CEO to the digital team, to sign-up to their Fortnightly Social Media Insights Webinar which are designed to educate, innovate & inspire. Personally, I've found it helps me navigate the every changing dark art of social.


Google's New eCommerce Discovery Tools

Google has outlined an exciting range of new Search Updates - particularly interesting for eCommerce.

Among the updates is a new way to search visually with the ability to ask questions about what you see.

So for example … you find a shirt pattern you like, you can ask Google to find socks with the same pattern.

Or, search for an item you wish to find out how to fix … and Google will expand the search result with how-to content based on that visual.

Click below to watch a short tutorial from the team at Insightful.

Insightful is the brainchild of Andrew Ferdinando and Dom Hay who are not only very clever guys and great to have a beer with but challenge them to a run at your peril! Insightful provides continuous learning for social media marketers.


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