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Introducing: Visual Merchandising Bootcamp 2023

The team at RX are delighted that Design Merchants have allowed us to introduce our community to their incredible Visual Merchandising Bootcamp. They are some of the most talented, creative and pragmatic VM specialists in the business and have built some incredible impressive skills which they are now sharing with the world.


Immerse yourself in the Design Merchants Visual Merchandising Bootcamp. This self-paced online course teaches you the fundamental principles of visual merchandising, store experience and design.

Visual Merchandising Bootcamp will teach you the rules (and then how to break them!)

I'm Juliet Borshoff, the Creative Director and founder of Design Merchants. For over 25 years I’ve worked not only in visual merchandising but have also backed it up with studies in fine arts, interior design, project management, and training.

And after realising how much I absolutely love empowering people with knowledge about visual merchandising, I decided to create a course dedicated to just that:

Visual Merchandising Bootcamp.


  • Enrol in the Visual Merchandising Bootcamp Online Course and receive a 30-minute one-on-one Zoom Bonus coaching session with Creative Director Juliet Borshoff from Design Merchants.

  • Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insights and personalized guidance from an industry expert!

  • Enrol before June 30th to receive the bonus and unleash your creative potential.


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