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Some of my favourite things... Pirch

To survive in this new, complex, content-rich world and to convert shoppers into loyal advocate, it takes more than traditional retailing strategy. PIRCH is one exceptional retailer delivering elegant solutions in the mid-upper kitchen, bath and outdoor category, carving out a distinctive position in the market through their exceptional focus on quality, simplicity and connectivity.

Their physical stores have taken on a new and elevated role and they acknowledge that the journey is as important as the destination. The experience is built around the mobile and digitally-connected consumer who may research online and then wander in the store to touch and feel the merchandise.

The most recent flagship store opened in SoHo, Manhattan, spanning just under 10,000 mtrs2 across three floors, with more than 30 interactive vignettes.

As you enter the store, shoppers are greeted by a barista who offers a free coffee while inquiring what products you would like to explore.

PIRCH brings the concept of experiential showrooms to a whole new level, with toilets that flush, appliances that work and an ability to sample all products just as you might use them in your own home.

The founders were so fed up with their own plumbing and appliance shopping experiences, they set out to deliver a concept they would love to shop themselves.

PIRCH barista’s ready and waiting

You can literally unwind in a steam room. Shoppers can reserve PIRCH’s “Sanctuary room” which includes more than a dozen shower heads, a steam room and a sauna. Otherwise you can sip on a fancy latte, chow down a freshly cooked breakfast, or spend the afternoon drinking cold beer straight from the tap.

Sanctuary room - grab a robe and get testing.

This two-fold strategy of letting shoppers really feel at home and then sample the products, just like they were at home, enables a wonderful environment to browse and complete a sale.

The products are showcased in real-to-life situations, including fully furnished kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor patio areas supported by a knowledge team of experts who can answer any question and help find the right product for your needs.

Despite this showmanship and the stores’ luxury feel, PIRCH carries more than 1 million items on the plumbing side alone, which makes room for more reasonable entry prices for moderate-income shoppers. The retailer also keeps its prices steady with the manufacturer’s suggested price, so shoppers have "no reason to buy from anyone else.” They stand behind not only their price promise but have their own specialist installers, someone 100% guaranteed to do the installation job with care.

It’s been said the shop is "neurologically addictive experience” and whenever the store is open, a chef is always cooking, sending the aroma of bacon or other savoury treats through the air.

Soho PIRCH Flagship

Shoppers can be irrational and unpredictable but they do crave rich, seamless, engaging and frictionless experiences. They want to touch, feel, taste, smell and interact. Shoppers want to know about the authenticity of the product, how it will solve their need, that buying from you is a good choice (or a damn great choice) and you are someone who they can know and trust.

I think PIRCH is delivering in spades, providing meaningful solutions and experiences that connects with shoppers innermost needs, wants and desires; and igniting some they weren’t even aware of.

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