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Retail Giants and police using AI to catch repeat offenders


The radical steps Sainsbury's M&S and Sports Direct are taking to stop shoplifting

As shoplifting soars during the cost of living crisis, retailers have been taken radical steps to prevent shrinkage. Sports Direct has brought in facial recognition technology, to identify shoplifters as well as potential offenders. Sainsbury's shoppers that use the self-service checkout now need to scan receipts to leave certain stores and M&S has limited the number of products on its shelves.


Pickleball centers target malls

Pickleball - a mix of tennis, badminton and table tennis has seen explosive growth in the US with a growth rate of 158.6% over the last three years. With a setting that often includes food offerings, pickleball is proving to be a fun and potentially lucrative 'eatertainment option'.


Walmart launches internal generative AI testing tool

Discount giant is rolling out the Walmart GenAI Playground, an early-stage internal generative AI tool where employees can explore and learn about the new technology.

While Walmart is still developing its generative AI capabilities, the retailer has been actively integrating AI into its enterprise and expects that over half of the fulfilment centres could be automated within three years.


Six Flags to pilot Amazon's Just Walk Out technology ahead of summer season

Six Flags New Jersey will be the first theme park operator to pilot Amazon's Just Walk out Technology. This technology has previously been implemented in high-foot traffic areas to speed up the guest experience. If all goes well a similar rollout will be planned for the Six Flags Magic Mountain location in LA.


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