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Price Ticketing – one of the most inefficient tasks in retail

Being in retail has never been as busy (well covid aside) and the rate of change sometimes makes it hard to breathe. The basics of getting the right product on shelf (online and in-store) to the right customer at the right time has so many moving parts, and it just never ends.

One of the most effective ways to tackle the art and science of retailing is working out what can be automated in your everyday rhythms. It seems ridiculous to be doing fundamental tasks over and over manually, leaving room for mistakes, inconsistencies, and cost inefficiencies.

All retailers know price ticketing is critical as it provides clear guidance to help customers find what they want, especially if you have advertised and set a promotion for a product to help drive sales.

- The price ticketing doesn’t just help customers find what they are looking for but also inspires them to want something they never knew they needed.

- Well-structured ticketing gives the right amount of detail and WOW to accomplish this, but many retailers still use clunky processes that chew time, money, and resources.

- Most importantly price ticketing assists a retailer to be compliant and clear with customers in accordance with the Fair Trading Act.

Instore price ticketing, especially for promotions, is a retail basic 101. It’s something retailers must deal with day in and day out, and most retailers are doing this hard. It is one of the biggest complaint areas we hear from our clients and one that everyone wants to fix but cannot find a cost-effective way to do it.

Ticketing is an easy element of your Go to Market process that you can automate and move out of the inefficient list and into the efficient list! Automated ticketing brings simple efficiency to your processes while building professional, consistent, and engaging tickets for your retail business. Regardless of store network size – 1 store or 100 stores. All you need is an internet connection and a printer.

In the past ticketing automation systems have been either cost-prone or required bespoke software. We believe we have found the most cost-effective ticketing solution on offer to NZ retailers.

Some of our clients:

If you are interested in a demo of automated ticketing please contact Gina Brugh at or phone 021 034 4800


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