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IN THE SPOTLIGHT| Meadowbank Shopping Centre & Whale Tale Adventures

This month our spotlight is on the Meadowbank Shopping Centre team for their Whales Tales campaign.

The opportunity: Meadowbank Shopping Centre wanted to further connect with the local community. Supporting and celebrating local is a core part of the centre, they have a philosophy based on: Buy local, support local, celebrate local. Meadowbank Shopping Centre wanted to find a way to connect with those in the community and bring people together.

What makes it great: Meadowbank Shopping Centre sponsored a 1.8m-tall Tail in Whale Tales, a family-friendly public art trail celebrating Aotearoa, art and marine conservation. This art trail contained 80 Tail sculptures, based on the Brydes Whale – an endangered species of Whale found in the Hauraki Gulf.

Local artist Kerri-Ann Graham painted the Tail named ‘Trypophobia’ with a theme of coral, which is an integral part of regulating carbon dioxide levels in the ocean as well as providing homes and shelter to a wide range of ocean life.

Meadowbank Shopping Centre extended their local support of Whale Tales, sponsoring Meadowbank Primary to take part in The Whale Tales Learning Programme to inspire the next generation of conservationists. As part of the programme, year 6 students had the opportunity to design their own pepi (mini) Whale Tail which was also on display at Meadowbank Shopping Centre. As well as an education hub where the public could learn more about marine conservation and the Brydes Whale.

Additionally, Meadowbank Shopping Centre offered up space for local artists to paint their Whale Tails, further helping support local as well as giving the public a chance to see behind the scenes of how the Tails are created.

The crew: A big shoutout to the Meadowbank mall tenants, mall management, and WWF crew including Lucie Fowler. This project was championed by Joanne Lawson from RetailX, with support from Kate Bolland and Nic Fenwick. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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