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Christmas retail round up UK 2015

I am a sucker for a good Christmas ad and unfortunately in this hemisphere we do a pretty poor job of it all. I love a good old tear jerker, and UK retailers seem to be alone in pulling this off. John Lewis tends to be top of the pops.

This year we have high glamour, big production values, captivating music and good old family values of a traditional Christmas all working to try and engage hearts, souls and minds. However I’m not convinced anyone is scoring a bullseye and I certainly haven’t blubbed my way through the Christmas 2015 offerings.

Over to you to make your mind up.

I have featured one of my all-time favourites at the very end as a reminder to retailers of what they should be aiming for when they are trying to capture the spirit of Christmas and engage me in their brand and offer beyond reason. The sweetest Christmas present of all.

John Lewis Christmas TV ad 2015 – #ManOnTheMoon

I follow a great blog “This is Retail” in Australia and they explain that “The Man on the Moon is given depth and edge thanks to its link with Age UK. The idea pivots on the heart-breaking fact that one million elderly people in the UK won’t speak to a single person in the month of Christmas.” There is merchandise again linked to the campaign including a mug, gift tag and card which will all be donated toward the charity Age UK.

Aldi Telescope TVC Christmas 2015

You have to check out the Aldi Parody of this TVC which highjacks the John Lewis creative and takes the piss basically through comparison of the price of telescopes. Genius.

(Video Not Available)

Waitrose Christmas TV ads 2015 – What Makes Your Christmas?

Another homely good old Christmas ad which features celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal and a strapping jazz soundtrack exploring all the ingredients that makes Christmas special in your house.

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

This is my least favourite of all the ads although it features the much-loved children’s book character Mog as the star of its Christmas campaign. It’s quite a production at 3.30 mins with a new book, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, on sale exclusively in Sainsbury’s stores for £3 alongside a £10 soft toy. Perhaps I have no taste as it has been declared ‘the best Christmas advert ever’ according to Twitter. Apparently.

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2015 – Avoid #GiftFace

Harvey Nichols campaign this year is based on the premise and research which suggests “72 percent of U.K. adults have admitted to pulling “gift face” to save the feelings of a loved one—and 63 percent admit to wearing or using an unwanted gift after Christmas to keep up the pretense”.

Topshop Christmas 2015 – New Supers

Topshop has enlisted the help of eight fledgling supermodels dancing around for Christmas 2015 with a super soundtrack; Bella Hadid, Sophia Ahrens, Imaan Hammam, Malaika Firth, Ella Richards, Marga Esquivel, Grace Hertzel and Aneta Pajak. As each model sports a different style of dress highlighting the retailer’s key pieces for Christmas. I’m sure this will bring the young lasses running.

H&M Happy & Merry Christmas TV ad 2015

Katy Perry turns sexy Santa for a festive H&M campaign belting out “Every day is a holiday”. Katy first appears as a fairy before bringing to life a cast of characters, from life-sized gingerbread men, to oversized presents on roller-skates and giant teddybears. Throw in some gorgeous kids and a sexy male model apparently from Taylor Swift’s video. Katy catty side swipe?

M&S Christmas TV ad 2015 – #TheArtOfChristmas

Yes another snappy production of product, tunes and smiling, happy faces.

Boots Christmas TV advert 2015: #DiscoverMore

A lovely bit of glamour but doesn’t pull on the heart string as much as the 2013 TVC which I still think is one of my favourites because of the music

The Argos Christmas TV Advert 2015 – #JustCantWait For Christmas

Well just how many products can you swish into a 60 sec TVC. Great focus on same day and instore click and collect.

But not a tear rolled down my cheek this year. Christmas fail? I wouldn’t go that far as there are still some lovely productions to try to capture the hearts, minds and wallets of shoppers. Nothing like good old family traditional values or show stopper glamour to make you feel good parting with you precious dollars.

Next blog I will explore the delights that our own backyard has served for us, but I’m happy and tearful to wrap up with a fine example of what a real Christmas ad should do to you. Apple Christmas 2013 gets me every single time.

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