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Retail never stops and neither should you. Find out more about "selling to seduction - 5 key re

Retail is cut-throat and the landscape is shifting. Rapidly. There’s no such thing as a traditional retailer any more.

At The Retail Collective, we monitor trends locally and overseas to see where the sands are shifting. From online booksellers to QSR, airlines to DIY stores, big box to doorstep cosmetic sales, we cover every aspect of retail.

While you have your head down in the nitty gritty of running your retail business, why not inject some new energy, vision and insights into your thinking?

In order to tackle new challenges, have The Retail Collective provide fresh insight through a "Selling to seduction – 5 key trends in retail" presentation for your team.

This presentation explores some master retail craftsmen who have cultivated engagement with shoppers beyond reason. These businesses, have at a very personal level, continued to reinvent the customer relationship throughout their lifecycle.

In this presentation Juanita brings to life insights, examples and experiences that are both powerful and refreshing. The presentation can be tailored around specific areas of interest and you can blend this into your own strategic exploration.

Taking this a step further, through a follow-up workshop, your team can uncover how they can evolve and innovate engagement strategies with your customers and develop clear actions to incorporate into your retail business.

Contact Juanita to find out more about how a “Selling to seduction – 5 key trends in retail” presentation might work for your business.

+64 274768 073

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