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We make it easy for you to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of retail. Check out what we are reading this month and why.


Wesfarmers to merge back ends of Target and Kmart

Wesfarmers is merging its Target and Kmart store networks into a singular $10 billion dollar business. These changes only occur on the back end, with the retailers maintaining separate consumer-facing brands. This merger will assist in pushing retail technology into Target, boost returns and bring better value to customers.


Amazon Prime Day a huge success

By all accounts Amazon Prime Day 2023 was a great success for third-party sellers and consumers looking for a bargain. The first day of this year’s two-day event was the single largest sales day ever and also the biggest Prime Day event for independent sellers, according to Amazon. This happened all with an increasing wave of competitors launching their own sales events such as Walmart Plus Week, Target Circle Week and even a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Selfridges unveils new 'Unlocked' membership scheme

Selfridges has unveiled its new loyalty scheme, Selfridges Unlocked which gives holders automatic free shipping on orders over £150 as well as early access to events, services and product launches and automatic charity donation to its charity partner after each purchase.

Inspired by founder Harry Selfridge who originally offered keys to customers on the store’s opening day to help make them feel ‘at home’ while shopping, customers can opt in to receive a Selfridges Key QR code which can be downloaded into the holder’s wallet and used in-store and online.


How to plan Christmas merchandising in retail

Yes it is that time of the year where you should have your Christmas planning done and are now getting on top of the little detail.

Here are 6 ways to make your Christmas food and drink displays stand out.


McDonald’s and its franchisees paint different pictures of franchise rules

A group of operators have been arguing with federal regulators that the franchisor's changes to franchise rules cost them profitability and drive up their prices while the company counters that the changes are necessary to evolve the brand and meet customer expectations.


The next frontier in retail media

Search in retail media has been king for some time, however we are beginning to leverage first-party data provided by retailers themselves - incremental in helping brands move up the funnel.

Here are four steps to leverage retailer first-party for off-site traffic.


IPG Mediabrands bows retail media measurement platform

IPG Mediabrands has launched Unified Retail Media Solution, a new unit to help its clients manage investments across the growing channel of retail media networks. Retail media buys will be evaluated across audience, measurement, optimisation and intelligence to determine which networks are performing best.


What we are reading

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