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The resurgence of retail - why stores are gaining favour among brands

Although the retail landscape is dominated by ecommerce and digital marketing, many brands are focusing on returning to physical stores as a strategic move based on tangible benefits that stores offer.


Amazon to launch 60-minute drone deliveries in the UK

Amazon is launching ultra-fast drone deliveries for UK customers from late 2024. The Prime Air drone delivery is already available in some US locations and delivers packages in 30 minutes or less.


Google opens a 'Visitor Experience' centre

In celebration of it's 25th anniversary, Google has opened a Visitor Experience centre at the company's Mountain View headquarters. It's designed to provide visitors with an immersive experience that showcases Google as well as the local community.


Netflix to open retail stores

Netflix plans to open physical stores 'Netflix House' where fans can immerse themselves in the world's of their favourite TV shows, shop for clothing and maybe even try a Squid Game obstacle course


Could this be the future of retail hiring and advisory?

Australian startup Conqr is taking the retail networking and talent acquisition by storm, with it's latest product - video cards. This empowers consultants and job-seekers to ditch static text and profile images for dynamic video cards.


Ozempic’s impact eating away at food sales

The sale of appetite-suppressing medications like Ozempic may be benefitting business at retail pharmacies, but it could also be decreasing food sales. Walmart US CEO John Furner said the drugs are beginning to impact the retailer’s food sales, saying the company has been analysing anonymous shopping data to identify changing buying habits among consumers who are and aren’t using them.


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