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In The Spotlight | Gallagher

This month our spotlight is on one of our favourite clients, Gallagher, and their commitment to playing their part in creating a better tomorrow. Sustainability is one of the key pillars for Gallagher’s strategic focus and something that both partners and consumers ask for.

Working sustainably is not new to Gallagher, who have developed many reuse and recycle projects over the years. Currently around 2.5 tonnes of HDPE and 5 tonnes of ABS plastic that don't make the grade for retail products are kept on-site and ground back to a granular level for other areas in the business. HDPE is remoulded into brackets which hold Gallagher Ring Top posts and ABS is made into Gallagher reel hubs.

Most recently, Gallagher has kicked off an initiative that focuses on sustainable packaging.

They conducted market research to gain a deeper understanding about how their packaging is being used by farmers and global distribution partners. A significant proportion of customers buried or burned plastic packaging as often recycling facilities are not in reasonable distance of many rural properties.

To make disposing of packaging easier and better for the environment, Gallagher changed their plastic packaging to a cardboard alternative.

Historically, Gallagher’s products were packed with non-biodegradable plastic air pillow or polystyrene nuggets to ensure they arrived at their destination safety. As part of their move to more sustainable packaging, Gallagher invested in a cardboard shredder. This shredder allows Gallagher to create a cardboard alternative to use when packing their products from cardboard bi-products. By using the cardboard shredder, Gallagher is diverting more than 700kgs of single-use plastic from the landfill each year. They have also moved 150 pack insulators from polybags to cartons which has saved 3500 kg of plastic in the last 12 months – the equivalent of 79sm3 of landfill!

A big shoutout to the team at Gallagher for their amazing work 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


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