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In the spotlight | Honda Outdoors

This month our spotlight is on the Honda outdoors and power equipment network roll out.

Blue Wing Honda has operated in the New Zealand market for over 50 years leading the way in Motorbikes and Marine. With an extensive dealer network throughout the country, Honda has been proud to be the market leader in many categories.

Honda is an innovator and continues to drive product development across a number of adjacent categories with the launch of Honda Outdoors power tools and accessories hitting the market in the past couple of years (covid creating some hiccups).

RX were delighted to develop a dealer solution for the integration of these products into the existing network and we continue to build the opportunity to connect customers with the incredible product, in an incredibly fierce category.

The opportunity:

Honda have a wide and wonderful range of outdoor and power equipment products, that, like their Bike and Marine products reputations, are truly ‘engineered for life’.

The range was previously sold through smaller 3rd party retail outlets, making it hard to define a strong brand presence in the market. This also minimised the ability of Honda to own the brand and service experience, and promote the product successfully.

The existing Honda dealer network was well positioned to integrate this range extension into their local stores and to fully support the service offering the Honda Brand is famous for.

The product range extension presented a great opportunity for increased visitation and an introduction of new shoppers to the Honda dealers and delivered a level of innovation to get excited about.

What makes it great:

The introduction of new signage, fixturisation and merchandising has energised the network and delivered an elevated brand experience across all categories not just outdoor and power equipment.

This approach has given the outdoors and power equipment range an instant store network presence - a great introduction phase to the power equipment growth strategy.

Designing a modular kit of fixturing and signage made for an easier/ rapid implementation process.

Notwithstanding, this is a tough project. The brand is starting as a distant new entrant and while the brand has incredible recognition and value in the market place, this is a price driven category where cheerful is often the first port of call, before a customer understands they “get what they pay for” and Honda does perform and last better than the others.

The crew:

A big shoutout to the Honda team for their ‘go for it’ positive attitudes and approach. Nick Snelling for having the vision to put the pedal to the metal. Lance Turnbull for being the glue, bridge and having the fire in the belly to engage and influence dealers to bring this concept onboard. Damian Smythe and the marketing team for ensuring the storytelling could be brought to life credibly.

And to our partners on the project: Dave Burroughs from GDM Retail and Rhys Lloyd from Benefitz for their solutions focus and managing the network installation.

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