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Meet some of our X Factor specialists

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

The RetailX team are retail specialists, with individual deep knowledge from both their time in the corporate retail sector and experience as special consultants. By bringing together brand and business strategists, creative ideators, designers, marketing communicators and retail-tech specialists we #makeretailhappen

You might know just one or two of us, so we thought we'd introduce you to each member of our amazing, talented team starting with Lisa Donaldson, Co-Founder and Retail Experience Strategist and Rebecca Pelsky, Retail Operations Specialist.

Lisa Donaldson

Lisa Donaldson

Co-Founder, Retail Experience Strategist

When you started your career “back in the day” as a ticket-writer on the floor of Farmers Rotorua and worked every role from store and regional manager to National Visual Merchandising Manager, you get to know a little bit about the coal face of retail. Add in significant leadership roles including Retail Environment Manager for some of New Zealand's top retailers and ou have someone who knows the retail environment better than anyone else. With creative skills grounded in a pragmatic, business-savvy approach, Lisa makes retail spaces work hard, ensuring an elegant flow between merchanise, operations and marketing to capture shoppers' imaginations.

Happy place: A beach-lover at heart, Lisa is never far from the ocean and her creative skills are applied to what she calls "pottering" - renovating, creating her own one-off art pieces or teaching new drinking games to her friends while having a nice, cold beer

Super power: Creating excellent in-store experiences through the mastery of communication touchpoints

Drink of choice: Sawmill Brewery XPA collaboration beer with I Love Ugly

Holiday destination: Hawaii

Place I love to shop: Anthropolgie

Rebecca Pelsky

Retail Operations Specialist

An experienced Retail Operations Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in fashion and lifestyle retail, including for some of New Zealand’s biggest fashion labels like Kate Sylvestor and Moochi, Rebecca loves a good problem to solve. She has an eye for looking at how a business works and what can be done to do it better. From training the team and financials to how the store runs, packaging and stock management, Rebecca puts the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to create a big picture of what needs to be done, how to deliver it and how to engage others. Like many New Zealanders, Rebecca is trying to move towards less waste and living more sustainably, something that translates into her work through looking at the packaging options, types of products purchased and working to ensure that sustainable beliefs and ideals carry through across a retailers’ operations.

Happy place: Farmers market and a walk along the water on a sunny Sunday with the family

Super power: Knowing the bigger picture but finding the small wins to make it work

Drink of choice: Pimms and Ginger

Holiday destination: South Island, New Zealand!

Place I love to shop: Kowtow, Lonely and Instagram

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