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Meet the team - Gina Brugh

There are people who dream big and aim to make the impossible possible. Then there are people who execute on those dreams with excellence and efficiency. Meet Gina. ​Our "curious Gina."

Gina is a true wonder to work with and has been with RX Group from our beginnings. She is RX's Merchandise, Process and Systems Design Specialist and Co-Founder of RetailO2 (our sister business).

Possessing unparalleled (some might call it unnatural) attention to detail and an inquisitive disposition, Gina asks the questions other people don’t even think of to uncover opportunities and deliver impactful business improvement.

She is a master of process and systems design and leads business optimisation projects and solutions for our client. Often she is the glue and the bridge between what an organisation wants to achieve, what it is currently doing and the best way for them to get there through the power of people, process and performance. She brings the experience of a career which spans marketing, category management, merchandise and operations across retail, manufacturing and supplier sectors.

With the skills to rapidly assimilate and analyse data and business operations, Gina asks the right questions, provides analytics-driven insights and delivers high impact outcomes.

Favourite Challenge:

Go To Market Process | What Gina has to say

Retailers are constantly sprinting a marathon. Trying to outsmart the competition, trying to be better, stronger and more profitable – and trying to do more with less. Often their Go To Market process has morphed over time with shadow workarounds, frustrations and some parts of the business not pulling their weight. Often this is simply a product of time with turnover in teams and people not being clear about what information flow is required when and why. The various parts of the business are actually working against each other, incredibly frustrated, while they appear to be working towards the the same output goal. It feels tough.

I get great joy out of working with retailers to optimise their marketing ops, merchandise and customer experience systems and processes to solve these issues. Not only to ensure they have the best end result but also so that they have a whole team who are smiling and falling back in love with their job (not the arduous drudgery the GTM process has become). As we get the opportunity to get under the hood in lots of different businesses, we see the good, bad and the ugly. Coupled with what we see around the world with fit-for-purpose retail management solutions, we also know when it is appropriate to use technology as an enabler. In my 25+ years in a cross-section of sectors I have experienced first-hand the pain points in retail that work against connected customer journeys - internally and externally. I have also seen and experienced best-in-class delivery of retail operations. I want to share this knowledge with as many retailers as possible to deliver on our goal of raising the standards of retail in NZ.

Outside of work: Gina loves to spend time with her family at the beach.

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