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Meet the team - Liz Langdon

We want to introduce you to some members of the RX team and celebrate their amazing achievements.

First up is Liz! She has worked with many of the RX team members from back in their Noel Leeming days.

Liz is a talented marketing specialist who has worked in several different industries, bringing to life campaign ideas and all the mechanics to get them to market.

With a depth of experience in working directly with store managers, store owners and sales assistants in both B2C and B2B markets - Liz is a wealth of knowledge!

She is a role model for all of us. Liz has recently opened up about her journey of living with partial tetraplegia as a result of spinal cancer - please read below.

Liz has done EVERYTHING the doctors didn't think was possible - and some things she also didn't think might happen.

- She did rehab and learnt to do everything again from talking and walking to eating and speaking

- She returned to work - even if the body doesn't do everything she wanted, her brain still did and does

- She walked down the aisle and went on to have two gorgeous children

- She has travelled, participated in life to the fullest, gets out and about and makes shit happen

- She not only has continued to be a valued RX team member, she has developed an incredible side-hustle FLOSSé nail wraps (well a bit bigger than a side hustle - but she makes it work)

We are so incredibly proud of Liz and she is a well loved member of our team. She brings an incredibly grounded perspective and an insight to issues which allows her to cut the the heart of what's important.

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