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RetailX NewsNotes | August 2019

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Check out what we are reading this month because it's new, exciting or just darn interesting.

Amazon sales crush, but profits disappoint

Amazon says sales are up a booming 20% - well ahead of predictions. But all that fast, free shipping comes at a cost, it accounts for just under 13% of total sales. But do they have any options?

And partners start to move away from Amazon.......FedEx has made the decision that it no longer wants to sharpen its executioner’s sword

Well that's how Scott Galloway, is calling the move by FedEx to cease delivering for Amazon at the end of this contract. Is this move away from the largest e-commerce player a calculated move to drive another player's move? Perhaps Target?

Anyone want an anti-AI mask?

Well, a Polish designer has developed a mask that makes the wearer's face undetectable to facial recognition algorithms used in public surveillance cameras.

So if you need to reclaim the privacy and anonymity that you might feel has been lost to face-detecting cameras installed in public spaces, you can don this and possibly look like you are very fashion-forward, or a dick!

Next level face jewellery for those who are brave or paranoid , or simply very, very private (although this might attract a bit of attention). Just saying.

When is no brand actually a brand?

Brandless is a clever concept which has resonated with customers but failed to make money (possibly because of it’s incredible low price-points and being an online online proposition). So Brandless is bricks and mortar.

An interesting read for those who are possibly in the camp of “pureplay/online only retail is THE play.” Actually, history and evidence is showing, it’s a combination of both which provides profitable and is engaging for customers.

As much or as little as you want - Unpacked trial

Slipping into my “No shit Sherlock files” Waitrose has now extended its Unpacked trial after “incredible” reaction from customers. There are a couple of elements which drive the success of this type of concept:

  • The customer is in control of their portion

  • By getting what you need evokes a sense of “freshness”, rather than buying a pre-packaged portion and having to use your leftovers at a later date (or chucking them out)

  • Price – bulk product is generally lower priced

  • Sustainability.

How does a rent increase of $30m a year sound?

With annual sales of $80m, 96 year old department stores, Barneys New Year filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. However, the doubling of rent was merely one of a number of factors contributing to debt obligations which has sealed its fate.

The Retail Hotlist

Our good mates at The Register are celebrating the vitality and innovation of the NZ retail sector in conjunction with GEM this year. Be a part of picking the winners for the Retail Hotlist from each category.

Are you “Retail Employer of the Year”?

It is so exciting to see the results unveiled every year of the Retailworld Resourcing Retail Employer of the Year awards. These awards celebrate those retailers who foster their individuals through exceptional culture, acting authenticity and communicating with honesty. Make sure you get your votes in.

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