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Three cool things | April

Don’t you love it when someone shares something new and cool that you didn’t know. Here are three cool things we have uncovered that just perhaps, you didn’t know - and we cover anything and everything that may help you in work, life or play…..not just retail.

I devoured this podcast in a couple of sittings and it does help that I actually know Lou. We met through our girls who attend high school together. This was exactly the tonic I needed to get some tips and hints for myself and all the wonderful women in my life. I have shared it with my sisters in Australia and applied some new habits in real life. I won’t spoil it but I thought I was pretty up to the minute of social and cultural stuff, but I was way behind on where my understanding of porn and teens are (especially the key “themes” in the porn they are watching. Way off!!!

In a world where well-being influencers are driven by endorsements, wellness trends generally come at a cost, and busy lives disrupt our best intentions, all many women want are simple, science-based facts to help us live a productive, happy balanced life.

Enter The Little Things. Broadcaster Francesca Rudkin and health researcher Louise Ayrey have been friends for over a decade and have been through it all, and along the way have learned the benefits of practical information over costly fads.


I received this book as a Christmas gift from one of my incredible team members and it was just the tonic to pick me up and recharge. I am re-reading it and love the practical tips and reminders too. And if you don’t want to read, download as an audible book.

The last few years have seen us work harder and longer than ever. You worked harder, but were you happier? The way you approach your daily tasks and life goals directly impacts your success and your mental health. You perform better not at the sacrifice of your mental health but because of it. If you feel burnt out, anxious, depressed or stressed, this book will guide you to a healthier foundation so you can operate at a high-performance level without feeling overcommitted, overwhelmed or simply over it. This practical, science-based guide will help you learn how to live a stronger, calmer and happier life.


We are so incredibly excited to be travelling the world again but moving between countries and multiple currencies can be costly. Back in the day (about 2011) I used a service called TransferWise to transfer currency and make international payments cheaply and easily. It was rebranded in 2021 and improved as Wise. It’s super easy and I keep it on my phone just like payWave and use service / card / app I use all the time.

175 countries. 50 currencies. One card. The universal account for sending, spending and receiving money like a local. Check it out before your next trip or if you have siblings and kids in other countries you need to get cash to regularly for a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

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