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Three cool things

Don’t you love it when someone shares something new and cool that you didn’t know. Here are three cool things we have uncovered that just perhaps, you didn’t know - and we cover anything and everything that may help you in work, life or play…..not just retail.

Why are all the tech firms slashing employees? Why did Elon Musk tweet that? What is Amazon up to?

  • Every Tuesday and Friday, Kara Swisher (undoubtedly the best and most feared tech journalist) and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics.

  • They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no other.

  • They swear, argue and say totally inappropriate stuff. Insightful, clever and laugh out-loud funny.


PowerPoint presentations that are engaging? No way?

We never thought we would be mentioning Microsoft PowerPoint in this newsletter, but hell is apparently freezing over.

  • Microsoft recently launched a very awesome feature called Cameo, which allows you to insert a video of yourself (through your computer’s webcam) into the presentation.

  • You can place yourself in the foreground or the background (or even in between), you can change the framing, and you can change how big or small you appear.

  • We had previously been using mmhmm to do this, but PowerPoint has just made things a whole lot easier.


The Axios founders’ new book makes the case for condensed communication in an increasingly complex world.

  • The key idea for the founding of Axios, was that powerful people want to know what’s happening, but they don’t want to spend fifteen minutes reading about it.

  • Axios’s e-mail newsletters would be all about bullet points, six-word headlines, and stories that fit on a phone screen.

  • The innovation was “to cut to the chase” and readers did have to wade through to get the nugget.

  • This book delivers the keys to adopting this and delivering more powerful communications that works for today.

  • It provides a framework (and great examples) to consider carefully what we write (when and how often) to be more clear, direct, concise and engaging.

  • The directness might ill-fit with Kiwi’s roundabout style, but it is a great reflection for cutting out the excess crap.

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