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Three cool things | August

Don’t you love it when someone shares something new and cool that you didn’t know. Here are three cool things we have uncovered that just perhaps, you didn’t know - and we cover anything and everything that may help you in work, life or play…..not just retail.


We shamelessly stole this from AmanthaImber’s newsletter one percent better.

The AI assistant that is better than ChatGPT

I have been super excited aboutClaude 2, an AI assistant that I am loving very much (more so than ChatGPT dare I say). This is why I am excited:

  • Claude 2 can summarise up to 75,000 words (i.e. an entire book), compared to ChatGPT's 3,000-word limit.

  • Its knowledge cutoff is early 2023, while GPT-4 is September 2021.

  • You can import and attach big PDF documents and have Claude 2 summarise it (note: you can do this in ChatGPT but you need a plug-in).

  • Claude has a better sense of humour.

Note: Claude is only available in the US and UK right now (and also, of course, available to those with VPN software).


If like us you get carried away in “flow” sometimes you miss those meeting reminders

Never miss a meeting—or time-sensitive task—again with In Your Face. The app delivers on its name, providing full-screen meeting notifications and reminders you can’t miss (or ignore). You’ll wonder how you ever remembered your appointments without it.

We are now LOVING In Your Face. It's an app that literally takes over the entire computer screen to remind you to join a meeting. You can even join virtual meetings with just one click from this screen. So far, I haven't missed or been late for a single meeting this week.


One of our favourite software platforms - Canva is running a beta AI design tool. Select what you are creating (from social posts to infographics), upload your media and Canva works it's magic.

Very handy for social inspiration!

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