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Three cool things | May

Don’t you love it when someone shares something new and cool that you didn’t know. Here are three cool things we have uncovered that just perhaps, you didn’t know - and we cover anything and everything that may help you in work, life or play…..not just retail.


Check out  ChatPDF. Simply upload your PDF document (e.g. an article) and it will provide you with a short summary. Even better, you can then ask ChatPDF questions about the article, and from the ones I uploaded, the answers were very accurate.


It seems everyone is off to explore the world. But how do you share what you are doing in a seamless way. Polarsteps!

Adventure starts with a single step

Plan, track and relive your trips in a smart and beautiful way. Plot your path and your travels, automatically tracked

Polarsteps was born,as a more rich and real way to share the journey’s ups and downs with those back home.

Keeping your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the world. Share it with everyone — from your friends and family to your soulmate — or keep it to yourself.


And in more ChatGPT musings

Have you received an email or read something from someone you know and thought “ it really didn't sound like they had written it.” Like every teacher in schools all over the world.

Wonder no more and check out ZeroGPT

If you are curious as to whether something you've received was written by a non-human, I highly recommend pasting it into this site.

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