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Welcoming two new additions to the RX team

As we continue expanding our RX offering, we were delighted to welcome two new members to our team. As with all our team, we have been incredibly lucky to have worked alongside these two wonders before.

Julie Garlick  | Senior Marketing Consultant 

I have known Julie for a long time and worked alongside her at Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationery (as did several others in our team). Julie is an experienced Senior Marketing Executive and CMO. She knows how to develop exceptional brands and deliver a stunning customer experience.

With an extensive background in FMCG, services, entertainment and retail, Julie oversaw the transformation in the way SkyCity positioned itself into an entertainment, dining, and accommodation leader. Julie also helped reshape The Warehouse into a stronger market position in the highly competitive retail sector and most recently led the relaunch of Metlifecare delivering increases in core engagement score and performance right across the board. 

I personally love working with Julie. She is clever, funny, pragmatic, incredibly organised and considerably thoughtful. A keen traveler, gardener and foodie, Julie has combined her three loves by growing way too many chilli plants, resulting in home-made Thai sweet chilli sauce being gifted to everyone she knows - and even the occasional courier guy or meter reader. 


Nicola Fenwick  | Senior Marketing Strategist 

I am so excited to introduce you all to Nicola Fenwick. Nic is familiar to a few of us in the team as she was our client at LK (part of Lion) where she held the position of Category and Marketing Manager - Strategic Initiatives - and prior to that as a Senior Marketing Manager roles both within and outside of Lion.

Nic brings a depth of experience to our team in hospitality, retail and FMCG (expert level in beverage category) as well as agency land where she was involved in creating international immersive interactions that went beyond experience to fire the imagination, engage the senses, and ingrain brands in the lives of consumers. 

Outside of work you will either find Nic curled up with the latest new release, dreaming about her next travel destination or out exploring on walking adventures with her husband, three boys and Labrador Molly. 

We are all so incredibly excited about having these ladies join our team and they have already made an impact in such a short time. They both bring a level of business experience, corporate maturity and commercial understanding that has enabled them to slide into our clients businesses and add value from day one. We are looking forward to the powerful contributions they will make as they start to work across more of our client projects and initiatives.

In the spirit of sharing more about what RX is up to, over the next few editions, we will profile some of our other team members who you may have not got to meet IRL.


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