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The challenge 

How do you get customers to trial a new fresh food concept they have never seen before?

26 Seasons was launching a fresh product which was grown through innovative planting practises, allowing a full growth cycle every two weeks.


This new concept needed to do some clever heavy lifting from the moment a customer saw the product in-store.  

Client: 26 Seasons
Redefining the usual growth cycle limitations of fresh foods, 26 Seasons is innovating how you eat seasonal favourites – all year round. 
What we did
Packaging design | Fixture redesign | Retail launch | Ticketing and POS collateral | Creative design 
The approach + solution 

Indoor vertical farms had not been seen at mass scale here in NZ. The RX team were engaged to evolve the prototype fixture that had been utilised in testing and to present an engaging, cost effective and visually stunning display that also grew and nurtured the product in store.  


The team had to identify the pinch points for the customer and provide a touchpoint solution that would motivate them to lean into the product, pick it up and place it in their trolley. A challenging task when they had no perception of the price or expectation of the product. This meant developing strong POS, engaging ticketing and use solutions through both digital and physical content. 

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