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The challenge 

In 2020, Animates was undergoing a period of consolidation off the back of substantial growth and expansion from the previous periods. The business wanted to ensure that it was presenting the best curation of products, services and offers, that it right ranged every store, was competitively pricing its range to represent the best value for money and communicated that it a compelling way. 

Client: Animates

Animates are NZ's leading pet retailer and vetcare specialists who dedicate themselves to creating an awesome experience for people and their pets by providing all customers with everything they need to become great pet parents. 

What we did

Price repositioning | Strategy, ticketing and in-store execution | Loyalty programme  

The approach + solution 

RX were engaged by the Animates Merchandise team to develop a merchandise pricing and promotional strategy that could be surfaced in-store, online, 121 and through communications to current and prospective e Animates shoppers. 


The solution developed by RX defined the promotional pricing framework and toolkit that would enable Animates to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. 


This included an extensive stage of research and insights, synthesis of Animates sales, customer and merchandise data against a series of hypothesis and assumptions. It also included full team workshops to uncover and align opportunities. This was followed up with the development of a Communications Hierarchy and Shopper Activators – as customer navigate a store (or digital) they need certain touchpoints to resonate to surface and connect the right promotional and storytelling information to deliver the right behavioural outcomes. 

The outcomes included a suite of promotions (mechanics and marketing), promotional toolkit, price ticketing and communications, ticketing system review and recommendation of alternative solution, review of price optimisation tools and systems recommendation. 

What Animates said

It was a bloody nightmare and they made it tolerable. 


This was a fundamental shift in our business in how we provide best value to pet parents everyday, as well during key seasonal events. Working with RX enabled us to build a holistic solution that covered all facets of customer experience while ensuring commercial viability. Their approach brought them into our business, working alongside all key stakeholders so that an end to end solution was thought out and executed successfully. The seemlessness of the launch, in conjunction with positive front line team member and customer feedback, was a reflection of the collaborative and integrated approach.  

Nathalie Moolenschot | GM, Marketing   

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