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The challenge 

Beds R Us is a brand with a rich history. It had got itself into a space where discounting was the only tool to drive foot traffic and this was unsustainable. With sluggish sales and a tired network, the brand needed to find its rightful place in the market and rebuild its position as the NZ market leader. 


Client: Beds R Us
NZ’s largest independent bedding group with 48 owner-operator stores.  
What we did
Market and customer insights | Rebrand strategy | Stakeholder engagement and communication (franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers) | Brand redesign refresh – signage, in-store experience, marketing communications and advertising creative development and implementation | Network roll-out of new concept  
The approach + solution 

To secure much needed investment and support, a rebrand strategy could only be successful by igniting the hearts and minds of franchisees and the key supplier – Sleepyhead – to back it. All the way.  


After a few years of little investment and perhaps a little resting on laurels, kiwis were turning to new channels and brands to buy their beds. While expertise remained strong, the experience was lacklustre. Our team was engaged to identify the positioning that existed in the market, revitalise the brand, get the network enthused and the dominant supplier reinvigorated.  


This was a project that required the insider knowledge of the RX team - how retail really works and the levers that you need to pull to turn things around – rationally, functionally, and emotionally. 

What Beds R Us said

RX have the capability to form a total strategy, and take stakeholders on a journey. For me, the thing that sets RX apart from other consultancies or agencies is that the people at RX are experienced retailers. For them retail is not theoretical and that means you’ve got a head start with a shared understanding of your retail environment and what it takes to make it thrive.  


The RX team is a senior collective with deep understanding of all things retail and can operate from strategy right through to the detailed implementation. Many other potential partners in this field are good at either the strategy or the detail. But not both.  


Nick Lowe Chairman

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