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The challenge 

The BK business was going through a renaissance of sorts. With new owners and a fresh passion to innovate and invest in the business, the team was about to embark on a significant refresh to enhance the customer and employee experience. But where was the best bang for their buck in a network that needed attention in so many places? And how did they take their stakeholders on that journey of change after years of turbulence? That’s where RX was brought in to deliver independent opinion and expertise. 


Client: Burger King

Since opening its first restaurant in 1993, and now with restaurants nationwide and over 1,800 valued employees right throughout NZ,  Burger King makes it their mission to deliver better burgers for burger lovers, every day. 

What we did
Customer envisioning | Business Due Diligence | Customer and market review – local and international | Customer Journey Development 
The approach + solution 

The BK team had significant potential, everywhere. The RX team applied our proprietary process Customer Envisioning through our RV Due Diligence.


This culminated in the identification and prioritisation of; the key levers to improve customer experience, where enhanced efficiencies would improve store performance across critical customer facing and internal touchpoints, the core barriers, and opportunities to increase NPS, where to focus expenditure and resources on providing a more seamless customer experience and enhanced brand experience. 

What Burger King said

"Juanita offered an independent view of our business and identified simple and obvious opportunities for improvement which had been overlooked due to the intense focus on business-as-usual activities. At Burger King, we were able to take existing research findings and overlay them with insights from RX to clarify and prioritise business improvement opportunities that had been hidden in plain sight.  


What sets RX apart from other consultancies are their passion for the brand, the people, the job. Other people may offer similar capability to help you focus on the things that are going to move the needle, but Juanita and the team demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm for the QSR sector, and strong belief in our brand.
That makes a discernible difference in approach and outcomes.  


It’s helpful that RX bring insights from overseas to adapt and apply their learning to the New Zealand environment."  


Michelle Alexander | CEO – Antares Restaurant Group 

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