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  • Strategy
    Brand strategy • Business strategy • Growth and innovation strategy • International best practice + trendspotting consulting • Research • Stakeholder alignment
  • Customer Experience
    Market analysis, competitor review, customer insights + segmentation • Customer journey mapping • Persona development • Customer profiling
  • Marketing Communications + Campaigns
    Integrated campaigns • Marketing communication plan development • Promotions + activations management • Content strategy • Copywriting + design • Customer journey mapping • Website + digital development
  • Brand + Design
    Brand hierarchy • Visual system + identity design • Brand positioning + messaging • Brand tone + voice • Brand guidelines + Style guides • Naming + nomenclature
  • Retail Operations + Technology
    Retail process refinement • Point of purchase (POP) + Ticketing optimisation • Project management • Go-to-market process development + automation
  • Retail Stores + CX
    Concept ideation + innovation development • CX ideation + development • Retail store design • Retail experience development • Communications + Experiential overlays • Communication hierarchy • Store tiering
  • Professional Speaking
    With a wealth of customer and retail experience, working for some of Australasia’s top retail businesses and brands, Juanita is well equipped to share insights into the skills and strategies required to remain customer-fit in the hyper-competitive retail environment.   Each keynote is crafted to be entertaining, visually rich, enlightening and specifically relevant to each group.  Juanita will engage with your business well in advance to discuss audiences, themes and any specific messages to include. Read more
  • Workshop Facilitation
    We don’t believe in brainstorming sessions, but we do love harnessing the intellectual horsepower of business leaders, their teams and entrepreneurs.   Our unique individual and group sessions will open new areas of creativity, innovation, and organisational opportunity through a structure of focused research, insight, and conversation.   Put simply; we will push your team to think differently.

RX capabilities

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