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We're a fusion

With our original roots in retail, we have expanded and cultivated the capabilities of a strategic consultancy combined with a specialist experience and marketing communications partner. 


The good people we work with value our capability to unearth opportunities that improve business performance.  We are an agent of change and growth for businesses who need a nudge to refocus and for those who crave globally-inspired insights as they prepare for a quantum leap forward in their total experience.  


From business strategy to customer experience, merchandising and sales to operations, marketing to ecommerce, customer experience to employee experience to total experience, we have the skills, experience and capability that weaves a thread right through the business to deliver a compelling customer proposition. 

Our approach

Every business is different yet challenges have a similarity. Through our RV Model, we are able to undertake a due diligence process of exploration and discovery to synthesise the key opportunity or challenge within a business. This model and our project specific versions, enable us to apply a proven process to uncover the nuggets of gold and commerciality. 

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