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The challenge 

The Fine Wine Delivery Company was a business ready for refocus. They had undertaken some significant changes to their business, including moving to a new location and implementation of a new ERP. The distractions were behind them and they were ready to refocus. But the world had moved. Premiumisation in the category, taste preference shifts, emerging new players and the explosion in craft beer meant the business need to reassess their position. Where did they reposition to and what impact would that have for their business and their brand? 

Client: Fine Wine Delivery
A family-owned and operated success story, Fine Wine Delivery has always been based on passion, knowledge, and absolute dedication to selling great wine at the best prices possible. If they would not drink it themselves, they will not serve it to customers - it is as simple as that. 
What we did
Brand and consumer strategy | Brand logo development | Marketing communications development | Customer experience enhancements | Store + signage redesign 
The approach + solution 

RX were engaged across two projects. The first to identify the opportunity for the business, size the market and unleash how that positioning would build this business consistently. The second was to ideate and understand what that looked like through a customer strategy and marketing communications approach. 


After undertaking our proprietary RV Due Diligence Process, RX was able to uncover not only clear space but the nuggets of gold that the business had at its disposal. In particular, its extensive and proprietary taste and rate panel meant nothing hit the shelves until it had passed the test and been rated. This was an extraordinary database of knowledge just waiting to be unleashed to the world through AI (Artificial Intelligence). 


RX provide a clear direction for the business to rebrand to Fine Wine Delivery and a 12–24-month plan of opportunities for the business to continue their growth trajectory.  

What Fine Wine Delivery said

"The RX team bought a different perspective, seeing our business and offer from the outside in, but with an expert eye. They facilitated change we had been trying to make to our brand for a long time  - we had previously got stuck on how to get there. 


The team delivered a refreshed branding, with longevity and modernity, a more tightly defined brand voice and insights that provided positive challenges to our internal thinking, and who doesn’t need that from time to time? 

You would be hard pressed to find a partner that would be able to truly connect with your brand and business, and to challenge the status quo in such a positive way. For anyone looking to revitalise their brand, get up to date with retail trends and engage their teams in the journey, RX is the company to work with."


Tracey Hawkes  | GM Marketing + Trade

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