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Magical mystical retail wonderland - by Lisa Donaldson

On a recent retail research trip to Sydney we reviewed the much talked about Myer’s Wonderland - a creative project lead by Designworks, which see’s the entire 6th floor of the Sydney City store transformed into a themed magical experience called Wonderland.

In time where traditional Department stores globally are looking for new strategies to present a relevant offer, Myer is leading the way in the fight to engage with shopper's hearts and minds.

Wonderland is unique in global retail. The Wonderland cityscape features over 2,500 unique hand drawn illustrations bought to life over 250 art boards that theme the space; it's a ‘signage overlay on steroids’ - transforming walls, columns, pillars and existing fixtures.

Your imagination is ignited early on the shopping journey - through the transformation of the lift area, where a rocket lift has been created to transport customers directly to the sixth floor. Screens and sound create an unforgettable journey through the clouds of Sydney and into Wonderland. Watch the Wonderland - behind the scenes video here.

The floor is segregated into multiple sections including kids apparel, toys, along with seasonal pop ups (at time of visit, Easter Shop – for launch, Christmas) in the ‘The Market Place’, which houses the Giftorium, where there is a marked focus on personalisation, with high-end brands. New additions exclusive to the Giftorium include ‘world firsts’ personalised M&M buckets and ‘Barbie By You’ customisation, where customers design their own Barbie on an iPad instore.

Wonderland is a true retail ‘experience overlay’ – using more cost considerate elements like signage and projection instead of hardwired design layouts, elements and finishes to create a distinctive environment. The flexibility of the layout and these elements allows the space to constantly update and refresh to reinvigorate.

The physical experience is bought to life through ongoing events that invite shoppers to re-engage with the space with new activities. The latest event see’s Wonderland transformed into an ice skating rink, where you experience the wonder of this incredible destination along with sweet treats from Doughnut Time and Mister Fitz. (a brand collaboration). In-store from 26 May to 16 July.

Wonderland gives the shopper more reasons to visit more often, through uniquely curated seasonal events - the home of family and gifting.

Next time you’re in Sydney – take a look. You’ll be inspired by how a customer centric idea, combined with fabulous design, digital integration and a first class signage application can transport you to another land.

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