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6 ways retailers can ensure social distancing with queuing and appointment booking software

Qudini – Retail Choreography software is used by retailers all over the world from Specsavers to IKEA, Samsung to Verizone and Tesco to Sainsbury and many different retailers such as banks and healthcare providers in between. RetailX has been intrigued with the seamlessness of this solution, giving retailers access to tools that make everything from scheduling appointments, click and collect, store capacity management and remote customer service simple and easy. We asked CEO and Co-founder Imogen Wethered to explain how this solution could help Kiwi retailers, especially with the challenges they face around COVID-19.

New Zealand transitioned into Level 3 lockdown on Monday 27 April, which left retailers, banks and other customer-facing organisations busy planning how they can best serve their customers while adhering to social distancing protocols over the weeks and months to come.

While the Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we knew it in a matter of days, the pace at which things return to normal will be more gradual as consumers and business owners attempt to block the pandemic from spreading any further.

Here are some practical ways retailers can ensure social distancing while providing a seamless customer experience during Covid-19:

1. Offer a virtual service through phone and video appointments

With the general public confined to their homes, consumers are eager to receive virtual service from retailers, banks and other organisations during the Covid-19 crisis.

That’s why many leading retailers are servicing customers at home by enabling them to schedule appointments or join virtual queues to connect with available advisors via telephone or video.

2. Enable seamless online order collections

With online delivery services often taking weeks instead of days, many consumers are opting to buy items online and pick them up in-store through Click & Collect services. But waiting in long lines to pick up orders is an unnecessary risk to both customers and staff.

Retailers can easily limit customer time in store by enabling customers picking up online orders to notify you when they arrive in-store through queue management software, or allow your staff to bring their order to them in-store, or at your curbside.

3. Streamline your in-person services

For retailers and other organisations that need to serve customers in-person, you can stop customers from having to wait in line and reduce their overall time in store by allowing them to schedule appointments with your advisors in advance.

Customers can select available time-slots with your advisors using appointment scheduling software, and your advisors can better manage their day.

4. Educate your customers by hosting online webinars

Help your customers better understand the digital services available to them online, such as the different functionalities of your app or how to access different services on your website, by hosting a series of webinars.

This is a great way to support many different customers at once, as well as promoting and highlighting your products or services.

5. Easily communicate with your teams

One of the biggest challenges many retailers are up against is being able to clearly and efficiently communicate priorities, information and tasks with members of staff.

hat’s why many retailers are using task management software to easily coordinate essential activities across hundreds of service locations by managing tasks and sending urgent messages, useful resources and motivational tips in real-time.

6. Eliminate lines by creating virtual queues

With many retailers implementing a one-in, one-out policy in their stores, a number of innovative retailers are introducing virtual queuing systems, such as supermarkets’ New World in Kumeu and Pak’nSave in Royal Oak, Auckland.

This software allows customers wanting to enter a physical location to join a digital queue (by phone, QR code or a host) and to receive digital updates about their turn.

Find out more about how Qudini is supporting retailers, banks and other organisations during Covid-19.

For further information on Qudini contact Julius Fox at

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