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Amazon warns that profits could vanish in Q4

Amazon is a behemoth in the category and if they are sounding the warning bells we should all be listening. The company joins rivals in facing embattled consumers prepping for the holidays as they grapple with rising prices on essentials. Furthermore analysts noted that its Prime membership base may be nearing its saturation point in its established markets. Amazon is an expensive operating model which might have to be bold with its focus in the coming year.


Bunnings axes the catalogue, but has it made a huge mistake?

Bunnings has printed its last-ever catalogue in favour of an entirely digital marketing mix. In July, Bunnings management flagged to its suppliers that it had been rethinking its marketing mix — and now it the mailer is no more.


Luggage retailer Strand (formerly Strandbags) fined $780k by court for misleading customers after Commerce Commission inquiry

A recent Commerce Commission investigation discovered that between 2018 and 2020, Strand routinely advertised items as 'significantly discounted or being sold at special prices' when they were not. The Commerce Commission chair, Anna Rawlings said ‘The businesses discounting practices were responsible for misleading consumers into thinking greater saving was on offer while creating a false sense of urgency.’


TikTok the next retail powerhouse?

While TikTok offers full-fledged e-commerce capabilities in markets such as the U.K. and Indonesia, the company is about to make their mark in the US. In August 2021, TikTok partnered with e-commerce platform Shopify to bring organic product discovery and shopping tabs to select US users.Shopify is letting U.S. retailers using its service with a TikTok For Business account to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profiles. Shopify retailers can also sync their product catalogues to create a mini-storefront that links directly to their online store for checkout. Now there are looking to hire employees to staff an international fulfilmentcentre in the US.


How retailers should react as red flags fly over BNPL

BNPL services have been described by behavioural scientists as a ‘perfect storm’ of instant gratification, with the delayed pain of payment encouraging people to spend more. But there is a darker story that retailers might want to consider – one of lasting financial damage. With regulation in the spotlight, as a retailer should you revisit the decision to offer BNPL? Let’s look at the facts.


How feasible are drone deliveries – and do we even want them?

In late October, Wing (owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet) announced a partnership with Australian supermarket giant Coles to deliver small items via drone to customers close to a Gold Coast supermarket. Wing is already operating in parts of Canberra and, Queensland.More than a dozen drone delivery companies are now running such trials. There are many issues when considering drones around people, such as safety and infrastructure, potential unwanted noise and visual pollution, and a perceived issue around privacy. Do we need them?


DoorDash partners with Wing for pilot delivery program

A service where Doordash and Wing have developed the capability to deliver food and essential items via drone in 15 mins or less is being tested via a pilot program in Logan, Queensland. This is the first time that Wing is integrating its drone delivery service within another marketplace.


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