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Meet the team - Lisa Donaldson

Introducing Lisa, RX Group’s Co-founder and Retail Experience Strategist.

Lisa is our own little pocket-rocket. Having worked alongside our founder Juanita, for more years than they would like to acknowledge, Lisa is not only incredibly creative but she is pragmatic commercial retailer. What clients love is her ability to cut-through the opportunity to show them "what is possible." She is relentless in pursuit of "getting it right." Lisa has the biggest heart and gives back so much to family, friends, colleagues and community and she makes a massive impact professionally and personally where-ever she goes.


With a combination of creative flair and a pragmatic business-savvy approach, Lisa designs award-winning spaces and customer experiences in the physical world from retail stores to showrooms. As a highly skilled graphic designer, Lisa leads our creative team who produce marketing communications assets from websites to point of sale materials and collateral.

Having honed her passion for retail on the shop floor many moons ago, Lisa rose through the ranks through her attention to detail and innate understanding of how to engage customers on their journey. She has delivered award-winning concepts and when not in lock down, travels the world to learn from the best, then scale accordingly.

Lisa’s passion is the beach and nature. In her spare time, she runs her lifestyle block Donaldson Farm (we named it that) just outside Matakana. Here you will find her tending the yard, doing renovations, hanging with her pigs and chooks, or taking the dogs for walks at the beach...then relaxing with a cold beer at the end of the day.

Lisa is also a fully qualified volunteer firefighter! Undertaking an incredible amount of commitment to training, attending callouts and ongoing development to be able to serve her community. She was even awarded "Firefighter of the Year" 2023.

Lisa is an inspiration, a crazy woman and a wonderful community member who puts her body on the line to help keep everyone in her community safe.

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