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Meet the team – Melissa Hayden

Up next in the meet the team series we have Melissa Hayden! She has been part of the RX Team for just over 3 years and is an absolute delight to work with. 

There is not much Melissa does not do. As RX’s Marketing Operations Manager she is a superwoman that makes sure everything happens. Melissa is our dynamic force behind project management and has a keen eye for detail and a knack for problem solving.

We’ve asked Melissa a few questions to get to know her better. 


What inspires you? 

On a personal level, finding peace in nature and connecting with everyday individuals making a difference in little ways that add up to big things. In my professional sphere, being surrounded by clever minds who inspire me to expand my boundaries and evolve. 


What does a typical day at RX look like for you? 

Every day is different! I like to start by prioritising my tasks. Then it is whatever comes my way to support the team and work through my own projects. I like to be busy, love a list and crossing things off. 


Favourite store/customer experience? 

DIY and projects are my happy place and you cant go past the team at my local Mitre 10 for knowing what exact aisle an item is in, their product knowledge and the ability to think outside the normal box to help you make the best decision. I feel like they get DIY’ers and always show an interest in my weird requests. 


Favourite food? 

Love a good fresh sashimi and Japanese cuisine. 


Favourite movie? 

Sliding Doors. 

While Melissa has only been with RX for the last 3 years she has worked alongside the team in previous retail organisations (including Hotfoot) and has developed an acute understanding of the pressures and nuances of retail. She is invaluable when working across projects with many moving parts.

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