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Nice work and credit where is it due

Nice work to Foodstuffs and Buttabean Motivation for their social supermarket initiative which has recently opened in Tokoroa.

The Tokoroa Social Supermarket allows people who are experiencing food insecurity to choose what they need in a supermarket-style environment rather than being sent pre-filled food parcels.

David Letele of Buttabean Motivation says ‘It means we can provide people what they need for themselves and their families without taking away their dignity.’

We love how this initiative allows people who need help with food to select what in they need in a very normal way. This supermarket is also a space where people can connect with a wide range of support services to help ensure that one day, they won’t need the social supermarket anymore.

This is Foodstuff’s third social supermarket partnership, and they plan to roll out more initiatives to local communities in the year ahead in a number of regions including Whangarei, Gisbourne and Tauranga.

Nice job Foodstuffs and Buttabean!

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