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RetailX NewsNotes | April 2020

Check out what we are reading this month because it's new, exciting or just darn interesting.

What is likely to happen post-COVID to the retail sector?

Consolidation of discretionary spend retailers, consolidation of retail footprints, a move to shop local and support local retailers and a move away from cash as a transaction type.

Read the article from SmartCompany

What do you need to know to not become a statistic?

These are tough times for business owners due to the COVID-19 crisis. Experiencing substantial declines in sales or even a complete suspension of operations, they face cash-flow insolvency threats. Read the article from Inside Retail

Perceptions of some Kiwi business have dropped significantly due to their response to COVID-19.

Consumers are changing how they think and feel day to day. The following data shows the winners and losers and highlight that communicating with authentic intent is vital to keep customers on side. Read the article from StopPress

Is this the first case of online social distancing?

Kmart has just trialled a queue to slowly permit customers onto its site for crowd control and site stability. Now we have social distancing online too.

The worst retail villain and you wouldn’t believe that God’s involved too!

Some of you may never have heard of Hobby Lobby but it’s an arts and crafts store with a touch of Jesus (I’m not joking, go to the website and check it out for yourself). God sends the founder lots of messages. The founder reportedly told employees a message from God informed his decision to leave the stores open amid the COVID-19 outbreak and insisted the company was essential – and to tell law enforcement officers that if asked.

Amid mounting pressure, especially from employees who felt vulnerable but afraid to speak out, the stores are now shut but not without the founder being a right arse.

From sofa to stadium: how exercise and e-sports are starting a revolution

Live-stream class concepts are way beyond the old VHS days of the past. These new concepts are turning interest for at-home workouts in COVID times to a higher level of engagement through community and competition. Read the article from FRAME

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