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Is it time for marketers to give Christmas a miss?

The Think Again series is all about questioning the status quo and pushing your thinking. So, this September, when brands usually start planning their Christmas campaigns, we ask “Is it time for marketers to give the holidays a miss?”

Consider this:

  • Was Mark Ritson right when he said that consumers have had enough of sentimental brand bullshit from marketers at Christmas time – or is it still the holy grail of marketing?

  • Has marketing gone too far turning every holiday into a hedonistic consumer event?

  • Why do we even bother with all these holiday campaigns? Can’t we get more creative than that?

  • Rather than sticking with the status quo, is there a better way to spend your time and your marketing budget?

Juanita Neville-Te Rito will join 3 other panellists, hosted by Tova O’Brien for a thought-provoking and entertaining debate where the panellists will discuss these and many more points as they go into bat for their side of the argument!

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