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Christmas Edit 2020 | The Antipodeans

(minus NZ because you all will have seen them numerous times already!)

By now you have probably consumed the Northern Hemisphere Edit of the 2020 Christmas TVC Annual Review. If you haven't, I suggest you start there and then come back to this edit.

As I mentioned, it’s not Christmas unless you have had a good weep over an emotional Christmas moment captured by none other than a retailer. Or laughed at, or with, a cheesy “slice of life” Christmas creation or simply wondered, WTF!

Our approach in the Southern Hemisphere is completely different. We aren't traditionally all Santa Claus and North Pole with snowy winter wonderlands. Down-under, we tackle things a little differently. It's about family, connections, sunshine and community.

Typically the budgets down our end of the world are tighter, but the results are typically exceptional bang for the buck. I personally love it when retailers step out of the mould and deliver something unexpected. 2020 did not disappoint.


Happy Hip Hip Ho Ho Award

Myer – Bigger than Christmas (Australia)

Excellent copywriting and a cracker of a soundtrack. Myer is always big production however investors might tell you another story of a department store desperate for relevance and reinvention. Trading and retail politics aside, I think Myer delivered a clever way of recognising everything that happened in 2020 and why now, you should celebrate……and Myer is your store to do it all.

Christmas Heat stroke

Aldi – Synchronised Santa’s (Australia)

Aldi has been so exceptional in past years yet, I can’t even explain this one. Clearly the temperature has affected a lot more than the weather. You decided for yourself but I give the a WTF rating.



Directed by none other than our own Taika Waititi, this two-and-a-half minute ad, which follows the story of a dad trying to deliver his daughter's letter to Santa against all the odds, was voted the 2nd best Christmas TVC in Oz (number one was a Disney TVC).



I love this ad. It has a story with a real background reflective of other Christmas's and based on something very front of mind for many Aussies. It's a bit of magic delivered for a real community hero by Jake for his Dad by Big W and the community. At the end I always cry and get goosebumps. I would shop at Big W just based on how this all came together. 5/5 tissues required.

Warm the cockles of your heart Award

Make it a Christmas to Remember | ToysRUs (Australia)

This ad brings a smile to your face as it highlights the challenges faced by Aussie families and people all over the world while celebrating the resilience of the human spirit and the magic of love and connection.

Seen it all before Award

TIE | Coles and Woolworths (Australia)

Same shit, same message, different year and a slight twist on the theme. We've seen the same things all before. Big bucks spent but boring.



No wonder department stores are dying a slow death when they think shit like this is going to inspire anyone to shop with them. YES, the Christmas windows are iconic but it's what's inside that is suppose to inspire, delight and capture the imagination. A big fat FAIL.

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season to you all.

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