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Does your business execute a contemporary, 21st century retail mentality?

Every year, the pace of retail accelerates. Despite this, there are some straightforward, timeless, strategic truths that can slice through the intricacy and help you achieve success. 2022 posed a number of obstacles for retail business and consumers such as price increases, supply chain difficulties, changing customer behaviour and habits, legacy systems and processes, and economic uncertainty. In a world where you reference year on year trends, the scrum has well and truly been screwed.

Retail businesses are also trying to do more with less. The team are exhausted from continually running a marathon, every day in a few years of uncertainty. Everyone has been head down just trying to remain resilient. People, systems, process and knowledge has been exhausted or in some cases left the business. Despite these difficulties, the future of retail is still bright but yet again 2023 will be a time of agility, resilience and transformation. Perhaps it is time for you to consider RX as your retail pacesetter to get the needle moving.

The ‘devil in the detail’ questions to determine if you are stuck in the ways of the past

  • Are you delivering an exceptional business and brand strategy that can be clearly executed and delivered by your team?

  • Are you crystal clear on who your customers are?

  • How have your customers changed and how has your business met that change?

  • Do you know the levers to drive transaction value, frequency of visitation, customer sales and margin growth?

  • Is your offer differentiated, compelling and have a clear position in the market, and can all the people in your business articulate their role in delivering this?

  • Is your retail network optimised with each location to deliver the right assortment of products and services to serve their customers?

  • Have you carved out the time for your people to work “on the business” rather than “in the business” to get additional value for customers and the brand?

  • Are you demanding more from the same talent and resources and expecting a better result without any system and process enhancements?

  • Are you confident that the internal systems and processes deliver value in your business or are there unnecessary manual interventions, duplication of work or legacy “we don’t have time to fix it” roadblocks?

Where do I start? Now is the time to future-proof your business with the support of the best retail strategy and business consultants in the business. Let us help you prepare for the year ahead with transformative strategy, actionable insights and pragmatic delivery and implementation.

The team at RX have been ideating, developing, implementing, refining and monitoring strategy, innovation and best practice in retail for over 30 years. We continue to surface and expand our expertise by working with retailers and customer-facing businesses in Australasia.

We are intelligent enough to know whatever the retail trends are saying, no one really knows what the future holds. By being curious, open-minded and pragmatic we can explore and show you what is possible and what the right ideas and opportunities are for your business.

Where do you begin when you have a great idea? Or how do you get your team to break out of the cycle of “rinse and repeat” because it feels safe? Getting inspired is energising but you’ve only achieved half the battle. It is only valuable if you can do something with it. That’s where RX can help.


EXPLORE | Strategy, Ideation and Envisioning Workshops

RX can help retailers create and take initial creative ideas and turn them into something incredible that will make an impact or transform their business. Not only are these workshops beneficial, but they're also fun! We have some great new approaches that could really help your team come up with something revolutionary.


  • Inspire your team

  • Explore new perspectives, opportunities, concepts and retail trends

  • Reveal your customers’ pain points, what they really think and what they really want

  • Produce innovative, actionable new ideas

  • Develop your team’s ability to surface and envision what’s coming next and how to take advantage of it

  • Refine ideas according to realistic constraints and prioritise

  • Identify ways to overcome internal and external roadblocks

  • Explore the influence strategy to ensure a win/win for the business/brand/customer/partners

Every workshop is customised to your specific needs and we can do them either online or in person, whatever works best for you. There is homework participants need to do in advance to get in the zone and exercises to get them out of the everyday.


DISCOVER | Keynote Presentations and deep-dive discovery

At RX our presentations combine the latest retail trends with data, case study examples and an interpretation to how it applies to you and your business so you can walk away with ideas of how you apply the insights to your business. Our team present regularly all over Australasia at every level – from C-suite meetings to conferences for 1,000+ attendees including keynotes at the big retail conferences, individual brand and retail annual conferences and forums. We also develop deep-dive and exploratory presentations for businesses wanting to know more around a trend, development, category or opportunity.

Our keynote presentations give your audience an in-depth analysis of the major retail movements that will have an effect on them over the next 1/3/5 years. Typically an hour-long presentation we pack it full of visuals, stats, and case studies that are relevant to provide richness and usable reference content after we leave.

Topics we have covered include:

  • The Future of Retail / Retail Trends Briefing

  • Future-fit: Disrupt or Die

  • Transforming the Shopper Experience

  • Digital/Physical Convergence

  • Reinventing Retail

  • Unified Commerce and Omnichannel

  • Digital-first Retail

  • Rethinking Retail Engagement

Sector specific presentations have included:

  • Customer experience, Loyalty, Technology, Customer service, Re:Commerce, Shopping Centre and precincts, Pop-ups and new concepts

  • Grocery, Department stores, Telcos, Health and beauty, Convenience, QSR, Electronics, DIY and hardware, Apparel and shoes, Automotive and marine, Petcare, Optical, Health services, Agri-retail, Liquor, Jewellery, Hospitality


EXPERIENCE | Retail Safari's and Bootcamps

When was the last time you or your team spent some solid time out walking all sorts of retail stores, customer experiences and best in class really “seeing them.” Do you even know what the latest and greatest retail experiences are?

At RX we do. We feed our innovation on all sorts of ideas. The good, the great and sometimes the ugly. There is no such thing as a new idea, just new and interesting combinations of old ones. The feedback on our safari’s and bootcamps has been incredible, sparking renewed energy, ideas and reconnecting teams with the stuff that matters.

In 2023, RX are expanding our retail safaris and retail bootcamps to include local as well as international adventures. These in-person expeditions take your team into the best retail and customer experience spaces and concepts the location has to offer. Through our relationships you often get to meet the people behind the concepts or a briefing as to the insight that inspired the innovation, helping stimulate new ideas and spark innovation

Planning is underway for 2023 retail safaris and bootcamps:

  • Auckland/Christchurch (Dates to be confirmed)

  • Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne safari’s (Dates to be confirmed)

  • New York City and Austin (May/June 2023)

  • London/Paris/Amsterdam (TBC)

Or we can organise a bespoke, curated safari especially for your team. So get out from behind the desk and walking your own stores and see what others have to offer – who knows what you will find.


Let 2023 be the year you break-out with RX super-powering your strategy, innovation and thinking. Take the step now and let's explore what's possible together.

Juanita Neville-Te Rito | Managing Directior

+64 274768073


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