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RetailX NewsNotes | September 2019

Check out what we are reading this month because it's new, exciting or just darn interesting.

Walgreen’s beat Amazon to the drone race

Walgreen drones
Walgreen winged drones

Wing, Google's drone spinoff company operating under parent company Alphabet, announced that a pilot program next month will offer Christiansburg, Virginia residents drone deliveries for FedEx, Walgreens, and local shop Sugar Magnolia.

Amazon’s Adora-bots are now making deliveries in the US

The first wave of the retailer's anticipated automated delivery fleet hits the sidewalks.

Amazon adora-bots
Amazon robot army

Facebook buys startup building neural monitoring armband

Facebook armbands
Facebook investing in armbands

Things just got real. Facebook  is buying a startup which is building an armband that translates movement and the wearer’s neural impulses into digital input signals

Voice ordering is the next big thing

In this venture Alibaba and Starbuck’s team-up to deliver voice-activated delivery on smart speaker Tmall Genie.

Tmall Genie for Starbucks
Tmall Genie for Starbucks

Foot Locker is launching Greenhouse, a new incubator for emerging brands

Greenhouse will live as a standalone shopping app, where it will release limited-edition product drops in partnership with select brands and designers.

Greenhouse by Footlocker
Greenhouse by Footlocker

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