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In the spotlight | Manawanui

This month, our spotlight is on Manawanui, one of RX Group's favourite and longest standing partners/clients.

Manawanui is Social Enterprise helping disabled clients manage their individualised funding, assisting with support worker recruitment and advice on purchasing equipment.

Manawanui's problem:

As a social enterprise, Manawanui must keep costs low so their client's disability funding is used for what really counts - enabling great lives! However, Manawanui are in a rapid growth phase and as a result, the pressure on staff only intensifies. Manawanui have the need for a Marketing strategist, a marketing manager, a social media person and some design/studio work. There are a few challenges for the business: (1) they cannot justify the head count, (2) they are uncertain how much of each role they need and (3) they don't know if they have the right offer to attract the high calibre of capability to bring the best marketers to their business.

How we helped Manawanui:

RX Group created a 'fractional' marketing team to essentially become the marketing department for Manawanui. For little more than the cost of one full time staff member, Manawanui get the flexible time use of a c-suite level Marketing and Communications Strategist, a Senior Marketing Manager, a Social Media Executive, a Digital Manager for media management and SEO work, plus access to the RX Group creative studio. This model has been up and running for over 3 years now.

The fractional marketing team operates as an extension of the Manawanui team - so much so, the team have Manawanui email accounts and attend Manawanui team days!

This flexible team allows Manawanui to get the expertise of 5 specialists as and when required (who in the words of Manawanui are talent that "punches way above their weight.") It ensures the communications strategy and implementation is class-leading, and recommendations are timely and cost-effective.

Manawanui can rest assured they can get on with doing what they do best - looking after their client community. Meanwhile, the RX Group fractional team get on with doing what they do best - delivering engaging content, traffic driving advertising and compelling social media to ensure Manawanui's continued success.


Want to know more about a fractional team? Here's a great article that explains it well:

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