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Three cool things | November

Don’t you love it when someone shares something new and cool that you didn’t know. Here are three cool things we have uncovered that just perhaps, you didn’t know - and we cover anything and everything that may help you in work, life or play…..not just retail.


Record a voice memo, receive it as email

I am forever having random thoughts on the go. Sometimes, I’ll ask Siri to create a reminder, however, that only works for short and sharp thoughts. Other times, I’ll try to remember the thought, but inevitably, I forget it.

After discovering Whisper Memos, I no longer have to record wordy reminders or rely on my faulty (read: human) memory. Whisper Memos is a simple app that lets you record a voice memo, which it then transcribes and sends to you as an email.

I am very much in love with this app - it’s a game changer for making it easy to remember stuff when I am on a walk, in the car, or just having random thoughts at inopportune times.


Get ready for Christmas Checklists (for home life!)

If you are like us, the months in the lead up to Christmas are nuts. It is for all retailers. We follow a great blog called Life Admin Hacks. These chicks have changed our personal lives but systemising everything we need to do in personal admin.

Below is the link to download the Christmas Planning Checklist (life saver) and if you are considering how to transform you life in 2024, buy their book. It even has email templates and all the questions you need to ask from your annual review of life insurance to outlining a clear system to transform your life admin into managed order. It will help you share the mental load with others. gives you game-changing tools and small practical steps to follow.


Automall – a world first

This is a bit of an easter egg (sneaky hidden insight) of one of the coolest things we have seen in a long time. We will cover it in coming Xfiles but you have to check out the automall in Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia. We will say no more BUT if you check it out, you will be in the know.

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