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Shameless Self Promotion

Our fabulous MD, Juanita has a wealth of customer and retail experience and is well equipped to share insights into the skills and strategies required to remain customer-fit. Check out what she and the rest of the RX Group team is up to as you may want to be a part of the action.


Why do shoppers panic buy?

Juanita Neville-Te Rito spoke with Sarah Heeringa about why shoppers panic buy. It can seem from the outside senseless and wasteful actions from rational beings. But human emotions are complex and this type of purchasing is completely emotionally driven.


WA Retail Conference

Juanita is off to Perth to speak at the Property Council WA's Retail Conference.

She will be covering the new face of retail for 2023 and beyond.

This will include the key drivers of the new face of retail where personalisation has become the expectation, sustainability and last-mile delivery are the new battlegrounds and we have more data than we can deal with.


RX is now on Tik Tok

Welcome to the RX diaries. As experts in retail come along with us as we show you the best, the worst and everything in between of retail around NZ, Australia and all over the world.

First up - Mecca Newmarket, NZ.


RX Instagram

Did you also know RX is on IG and we showcase the latest and greatest retail from around the world?

Check out our post of the month here.


Needing a keynote speaker for your next conference or event?

Drop Juanita a line on


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